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The Ultimate Pumping Course™

Pumping made possible.

Your step-by-step guide to stress-free pumping, from the first feed to the last.

The Ultimate Pumping Course™ empowers you to:

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Confidently pump and nurse from day one
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Choose the right pump and make the most of your pumping sessions
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Create a pumping schedule that supports your short and long term needs
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Eliminate pain while pumping
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Establish, maintain, and manage your milk supply
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Prevent common pumping problems
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Utilize pumping full-time or alongside nursing as part of your overall feeding plan
Pick up your
pumping roadmap.
This three-part course has everything you need
for each stage of your journey.
Part 1:

Preparing to Pump

Set the stage for success.
Learn how to:
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Exclusively pump or nurse immediately after giving birth
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Choose the right pump for your needs
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Select the correct flange size for your breast
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Assemble and use your pump
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Create a nursing and/or pumping schedule for the first 12 weeks postpartum
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Use various nursing positions and techniques
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Set expectations after giving birth-physically, emotionally, and mentally
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Establish and maintain a milk supply
Part 2:

Maintaining Momentum

Make your journey sustainable.
Learn how to:
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Increase supply and build a stash
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Avoid pumping that sucks and maintain a healthy mindset
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Navigate common pumping issues like pain, clogs, and not feeling empty
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Pump on-the-go with tips and sample schedules for work, daycare, and travel
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Safely store, thaw, and use breast milk
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Select and prepare formula
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Adjust your pumping schedule
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Deal with the overwhelm of oversupply
Part 3:

Finishing Strong

Feel confident to the last drop.
Learn how to:
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Decide when it is time to drop a pumping session
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Reduce the number of times you pump
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Safely wean and transition to regular milk
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Store your pump for future use
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Prepare yourself mentally and physically for weaning
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Establish healthy expectations for weaning
These moms are pumped.
You can be, too!

Just bought it!! No more 3 am quick Google searches while nursing...I'll actually understand how milk supply works BEFORE I start nursing again! It has always baffled me! Thank you can't wait!

Heyy!!! Just wanted to touch base with you! Your course is amazing! Had baby #3 on Monday. Was planning on nursing and pumping eventually. Things took a turn at the hospital and now I'm exclusively pumping... Making over 5oz per session and I'm only on day 5!!Amazing tips! Already freezingsome! Thank you!

Now I actually know how to use the pumpables and I'm using a correct flange (15, down from a 24... which I used incorrectly for over a year with my first baby). I breastfeed and pump after so I'm not sure how much I'm getting a day in total but the post nursing pump sessions have more milk so I'm thrilled. Thank you, Tamari!

35 weeks pregnant and don't even know what I don't know about feeding my baby Started the prenatal module this morning and already feeling so much more confident!

I'm pumping more efficiently and have increased my supply at six months postpartum!

My two month old baby has developed a breast aversion, and while I'd like to get back to fully nursing soon I knew I had to maintain and even build my supply in the meantime as she struggled at the breast in order for that to be possible. I bought your course and within a week I'm confident my supply increased or at least weathered this unexpected storm amazingly well. I just pumped over 32oz in the last 24 hours! This astounds me since I had a low supply with my last baby. Thank you!

Omg I just looked through your course and wow it's so comprehensive! I am so excited to start watching the videos - I wish I had something like this with my first pregnancy/postpartum. You are amazing!!!

Definitely see my supply slowly increasing (4 weeks PP)! Your course definitely helped my anxiety :)

I feel successful and ready to return to work! I know how to size my self for flanges, I am confident I can help boost my supply if needed, and I know how to comfortably wean when that time comes. This course really has it all!

I've learned more in the last 4 days watching the course videos than I have in 4 weeks working with an IBCLC! Knowledge is power!

I've increased milk supply by pumping longer, before I used to think that 10-minute sessions were enough. This is my third child, and I discovered that there are different falange sizes thanks to you! Thank you for this course, and all the content on Instagram, very helpful!

I had a series of unfortunate events during delivery. Unplanned c section in the middle of the night, was given a nipple shield despite not needing it, needed to supplement early, etc. I found myself going from pumping after a feeding 1-4 oz to a dwindling supply of pumping 1/2-1 oz without following a feeding. In about a week of applying methods 1 & 2 to increase supply, my supply has doubled! I'm still working to increase since this doesn't meet my baby's needs, but this has been such an emotional lift! Thank you!

The Ultimate Pumping Course™ is:


When I say "ultimate," I mean it. I've done the training, and tried the pumps, so you don't have to. It's the all-in-one course I wish I had when I first started pumping.
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We're moms. We're always short on time. That's why you get lifetime access to short, self-paced videos you use when it works for you. (I hear they're great to watch while pumping.)
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There's no shame or blame in this course game. You can expect genuine encouragement from a mom who has been there and will prioritize your mental health above everything else.
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As a certified lactation counselor and pumping mama of three, I’ve helped hundreds of moms find success in every stage of their pumping journey. I'll teach you all the tips and tricks for a smooth pumping experience.
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Be one with your pump.

1. Buy the course.
The Ultimate Pumping Course® is your roadmap to pumping success.
2. Watch the videos.
Pre-recorded videos + lifetime access means you can take what you need, when you need it.
3. Rock your pump.
You might just find yourself pumping your fist while you're pumping your breasts.

Can I really do this?

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Become a confident mother pumper.

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