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Let's Get Pumped

Effective, efficient pumping starts here.

Pumping can feel like a booby trap.

Somehow you're supposed to figure out how to use your pump, feed your baby, and maintain a pumping schedule, all while juggling your family, your job, and your postpartum hormones.

What the duct?!?

No one warned you it would be so uncomfortable, overwhelming, and all-consuming.
Here's the Good News
Pumping doesn't have to suck.
At One With the Pump, we take the stress out of pumping.
Take control of your pumping journey.


Pump with confidence from start to finish with this comprehensive, self-paced, step-by-step course.
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Sidestep common pumping problems with these live, topic-specific classes, led by a certified lactation counselor.
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Receive personalized guidance and one-on-one support from a certified lactation counselor.
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These moms are pumped.
You can be, too!
Finding her saved my sanity!
Tamari has some of the best pumping content available online. Her dedication to serving and educating new moms or (old moms learning new tricks) is incredible. I share her content with anyone and everyone who will listen. Do yourself a favor and jump right in.
Emotional support & practical solutions
It was so helpful speaking to someone who has the knowledge of a lactation counselor, the experience of exclusively pumping, and the care and compassion of a friend. I highly recommend Tamari and would reach out to her again.
Couldn't have done this without you
Your page, knowledge, and support helped me give my baby breast milk for four and a half months and learn how to properly pump, take care of myself, get all the parts I need, protect my supply, and more. I'm so grateful!

Hey, I'm Tamari!

I didn’t choose the pump life. The pump life chose me.

I always dreamed of nursing my babies, but my first born just wasn't on board with that. Cut to me scouring the internet for advice on how to pump exclusively so I could still give him breastmilk and finding, well, nothing.

No tips. No advice. No support.

Let's just say my baby wasn't the only one crying at the start of my pumping journey, okay?

I became a lactation counselor and started One With the Pump so I could offer mamas the resources and support I wish I had all those years ago.

Because whether you're an exclusive or occasional pumper, you shouldn't be spending all your time and energy trying to figure out how to pump.

I'm here to take the guesswork out of pumping for you, so you can spend less time stressing and more time doing...well, literally anything else!

Let’s take control of your unique pumping journey-together.

Stop guessing. Start expressing.

(your milk, that is)
Prevent Food Allergies in Your Babe
For pregnancy and parents of babies up to 4 months
The Ultimate Pumping Course
Your step-by-step guide to stress-free pumping.
Live Workshops
Sidestep common pumping problems.
Virtual Consultations
Personalized guidance and support.
Free Downloads & Resources
Freebies to help you on your pumping journey.
Favorite Products
My most recommended pumps and products.
Phone Consultations
Get the one-on-one help you need.