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Virtual consultations

Pump the way you want.

Personalized guidance and support from a certified lactation counselor.
Sessions more supportive than an underwire bra (and more comfortable too).
Video consultations that let you stay home in your stretchy pants.
Let’s work through this together.

Full Consult Session

During this 45 minute session, we will:
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Discuss your concerns
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Identify areas for support, such as creating and adjusting your schedule, using your pump, and managing your milk supply
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Create a personalized plan to reach your pumping goals
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Includes flange fitting + In Depth PDF Guide "Pumping Made Simple"
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Two weeks of chat support after your call

Want to get even more pumped?

VIP Consult Bundle

What's included:
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(1) 45 min Full Session Consult
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(1) 15 min Mini Session follow up call used within 6 months
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(1) custom flange fitting
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Pumping Made Simple in depth Guidebook
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The Ultimate Pumping Course™
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Two weeks of chat support after your call

Your insurance may reimburse you for some or all of your session fee. Contact your insurance company to find out how many sessions they cover with an out of network provider. To request receipt, email

These moms are pumped.
You can be, too!
Eased my anxiety
Let me just start with Tamari is AMAZING! I was freaking out about a sudden dip in my supply and my return to work only making it worse. Tamari made me feel heard and validated in my ability to feed my son as an exclusive pumping mom. With her guidance my supply has returned and I was able to do it while modifying my pumping schedule to be able to sleep through the night. As a mom to a 3.5 month old sleep is invaluable. I have taken some of her courses, purchased her course and done a personal consult. Every service she offers is better than the next! I only wish I could have found her before my son was born.
Best money you'll spend postpartum
Tamari is AMAZING!!!! This exclusive pumping journey left me feeling lost and worried about my milk supply, but once I found Tamari and booked a one-on-one with her, the information and education she shared with me gave me so much peace of mind! And peace of mind is priceless when you’re 4 weeks postpartum, running on no sleep, and generally falling apart. Best investment I ever made was doing the one-on-one’s. I’ve done 2 now and am planning a 3rd one; her support at each step along this journey makes me feel confident and comfortable to know that I’ve got this. I also purchased her course which is super easy to interact with as its short videos based on topics. All the information is in the course, but I elected for one-on-ones because I wanted a personalized experience…. I’d do it again in a heartbeat!!!!!
Gave me clarity
Tamari is absolutely amazing. She does such a wonderful job of easing my anxiety while validating concerns and experiences, all without judgement. Tamari truly cares about your personal pumping journey and she has a ton of advice to help devise the best plan for you. She's the BEST!

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Prevent Food Allergies in Your Babe
For pregnancy and parents of babies up to 4 months
The Ultimate Pumping Course
Your step-by-step guide to stress-free pumping.
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Sidestep common pumping problems.
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Personalized guidance and support.
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