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Get to Know Me
& My Philosophy



Tamari Jacob CLC

Pumping Expert

Hi there mama! I am a lactation counselor specializing in pumping for exclusive and occasional pumpers. I want to provide all moms with knowledge and support to help them on their pumping journey.

One of my lifetime goals was to provide my children with breastmilk. After struggling to nurse my oldest son, I chose to exclusively pump so I could continue to achieve my goals.


But when I started, I had a lot of questions! That's when I realized how little information and support was available out there for mothers who want to pump.

I then learned everything I could about pumping and started One with the Pump so I could provide all moms with the help and support they need for their pumping journey.


I exclusively pumped 2 of my children and I nurse my baby boy, and I still pump multiple times a day at work.


I absolutely love supporting other Mamas and steering them on a path that’s right for them! Pumping does not need to be a guessing game. Together we will create concrete plans to help you feel in control of your journey. I cannot wait to support you!


Feed your baby the way that makes you happy. 

I am here to support you, and your needs. I want to hear about your goals, your struggles, and your achievements. I am here to celebrate you, or reflect on the journey you wish you had.


Allow me to give you the information you need to make informed decisions. Let me empower you to feel confident, to stop guessing, and start rocking each pump. Be in control of your pumping journey; whether you chose it, or it chose you.


 Join our Pumping Family.

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